About us

Wag Swag Brand is a Toronto-based dog clothing and accessory company.

In 2016 we were anxiously anticipating the arrival of our newest family member - a fluffy little American Eskimo named Ryder. As many dog parents do, we wanted to make sure Ryder had everything he needed for when he finally arrived home.

We went out in search of high quality, fashionable, yet financially feasible leashes, collars, harnesses and jackets. This is when we found a major lag in the market- and when Wag Swag Brand was born! At Wag Swag Brand we stand by three main principles and we strive to make sure each product we make embodies them: Functional, Fashionable, and Financially feasible. We believe your dogs accessories should be an accentuation of our own personal style - something you are proud to rock on your pup! We believe that along with being aesthetically pleasing, each product should serve a long-lasting function, and can endure every adventure a pup gets up to.

We believe that dogs deserve the very best; because after all, they are Everyone's Favourite Family Member!